Genre favorite, Adam Green has announced the guests and premiere date for Season 2 of Horrified. The second season of the web series will premiere on January 25th 2017. darren-590x331

Artists from all sides of the entertainment industry share their most horrifying personal stories in this confessional-style series hosted by Corri English (HOLLISTON, Marvel’s LUKE CAGE). From mortifying embarrassments, to comical moments of humility, to truly terrifying real life encounters…HORRIFIED is part comedy, part horror, and full-on therapy.  With 22 episodes per season, the best part is that you never quite know what kind of story you’re going to get as “horrified” can mean so very many different things.   Check out this upcoming season’s stellar line up.

Episode 2.1: Actor and director Michael Rosenbaum (SMALLVILLE, IMPASTOR) shares a mortifying tale from his youth that is guaranteed to leave you feeling shocked, disturbed, and most of all… horrified.  (Premieres 1.25.17)

Episode 2.2: Actress Laura Ortiz (HOLLISTON, THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2006) shares an encounter from her past that started fun but ended in horror. (Premieres 2.1.17)

Episode 2.3: Filmmaker Mike Mendez (THE GRAVEDANCERS, BIG ASS SPIDER) recalls a true story that will change the way you view urinals forever. (Premieres 2.8.17)

Episode 2.4: Legendary actor Sid Haig (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, HATCHET 3) bares his soul with a heartfelt and deeply moving true story of love and loss.  Note: This is a heavy but very important episode.  (Premieres 2.15.17)

Episode 2.5: Author Joe Knetter (TWISTED LONELINESS, ROOM) shares his real-life adventure about a road trip with a most horrifying final destination. (Premieres 2.22.17)

Episode 2.6: Actress and host Marisha Ray (SIGNAL BOOST, CRITICAL ROLE) tells a chilling tale about a terrifying flight through a winter blizzard that left her feeling horrified. (Premieres 3.1.17)

Episode 2.7: Filmmaker Darren Bousman (SAW 2-4, ABATTOIR) shares a shocking story from his youth with a twist that you’ll surely never forget. (Premieres 3.8.17)

Episode 2.8: ArieScope intern Casey Hempel shares a real-life fairy tale that proves even princesses can be horrified. (Premieres 3.15.17)

Episode 2.9: Filmmaker Alejandro Brugues (JUAN OF THE DEAD, TV’s FROM DUSK TIL DAWN) opens up about current events that have him (and many others) feeling truly horrified. (Premieres 3.22.17)

Episode 2.10: Actor Colton Dunn (NBC’s SUPERSTORE, HATCHET 2, HOLLISTON) discusses one of his earliest frights and how that same feeling of terror came back to haunt him again as an adult. (Premieres 3.29.17)

Episode 2.11: Filmmaker Roxanne Benjamin (SOUTHBOUND, VHS) drop kicks a tale of revenge from her youth that turned not only horrifying… but very, very messy. (Premieres 4.5.17)

Episode 2.12: Musician Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE) recalls a real-life experience with voodoo spirits that left him feeling horrified. (Premieres 4.12.17)

Episode 2.13: Cinematographer Jan-Michael Losada (TALES OF HALLOWEEN, DON’T KILL IT) bravely spills his guts about a bargain dinner that had horrifying results. (Premieres 4.19.17)

Episode 2.14: ArieScope mascot Arwen (THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast, ADAM GREEN’S SCARY SLEEPOVER) confesses a true story of intrigue, mystery, and terror that left her feeling horrified. (Premieres 4.26.17)

Episode 2.15: Actor, voice over artist, and renowned “Dungeon Master” Matthew Mercer (RESIDENT EVIL: DAMNATION, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY) guides us through his real-life spooky tale about living in a haunted house. (Premieres 5.3.17)

Episode 2.16: Actress and comedian Kelly Vrooman (THE CHICA SHOW) recalls a horrifying story from her youth that involves missing parents, jelly donuts, and the end of times. (Premieres 5.10.17)

Episode 2.17: Actor Derek Mears (PREDATORS, FRIDAY THE 13th 2009) recalls an experience of mistaken identity that left him feeling like one of the iconic monsters he has portrayed on screen. (Premieres 5.17.17)

Episode 2.18: Musician Ace Von Johnson (FASTER PUSSYCAT, MURPHY’S LAW) shares a horrifying tale about the seedy side of touring in a band. (Premieres 5.24.17)

Episode 2.19: Director Sean Becker (THE GUILD, HOLLISTON) shares a sickening childhood experience with a ferris wheel of fear. (Premieres 5.31.17)

Episode 2.20: Filmmaker Dave Parker (IT WATCHES, THE HILLS RUN RED) reveals a horrifying on-set experience that gives new meaning to the term “exposure.” (Premieres 6.7.17)

Episode 2.21: Actress Kristina Klebe (HALLOWEEN 2007, THE FOLLOWING) boards an international flight of terror in this true story of air travel gone horrifyingly wrong. (Premieres 6.14.17)

Episode 2.22: Journalist and producer Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton(ZOMBIEWORLD, DREAD CENTRAL) closes out Season 2 with a firsthand story of terror and hope in the face of one of the most horrifying tragedies of our time. (Premieres 6.21.17)



Horror fans be ready come January 25th, Adam and Ariescope always bring the best when it comes to their films, podcasts, and web series.  Here’s the trailer for Horrified Season 2.

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