Joel and Ethan Coen were struggling film makers when director Sam Raimi convinced them they should shoot a concept trailer for their film idea ‘Blood Simple’. Now as part of the Blu-ray release of ‘Blood Simple’ they have released for the fist time ever the teaser they filmed. Only, in the teaser it’s not Dan Hedaya who played the role of Julian Marty crawling out of his wrecked car, it’s Bruce Campbell!

Check out the teaser below

VF reports the Coens shot the above trailer over President’s Day weekend outside of New York City—“so we could get the camera for 3 days when were only renting it for 1 day,” as Joel explains—and used it to raise $550,000 toward the film. Blood Simple remains a remarkable accomplishment whether or not you know it’s the Coens’s first film, and moviegoers won’t have to wait until the new Blu-ray comes out to see it looking better than ever: Janus Films and the Criterion Collection have collaborated on a new 4K digital transfer of the film, which will run in select theaters beginning July 1.

“Sam taught us that if you call on the phone and ask people to invest in a movie they’ll tell you to go hell,“ Joel Coen explains in an interview that will be featured on the upcoming Criterion Collection DVD and Blu-ray release of Blood Simple, which will be available in September. “But if you tell them ‘I have a piece of film to show you,’ then some of the would let you come into their living room and set up your little projector and show it to them.”

Blood Simple - The Coen Brothers
Blood Simple – The Coen Brothers