With the success of LIGHTS OUTDavid Sandberg has made his way into the horror mainstream. Sandberg is known for his kind ways and has delegated knowledge to the hungry masses. Not only is he responsive on Twitter, he is constantly schooling the young ones on how to make their own creativity flow to the screens. Then there is ANNABELLE.

It is no secret that Sandberg was brought on to spearhead ANNABELLE. Now, I must be candid as I write this. I was in no shape or form a fan of the original. I felt it lacked creativity, emotion and plot development. If the folks just kept to the original storyline from THE CONJURING, I felt the doll would have been given justice. Alas, here comes Sandberg giving our precious, red haired fiend a second chance.

Sandberg took it to media to share some behind the scene glimpses of the film. Check them out and see if they appeal to your horror bone.

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Taking the carpool lane home.

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The official teaser trailer was released last year. From the mere seconds of viewing the clip, we can concur the film to be related to a few different elements. Nuns, some sort of religious home, and of course, a weird and creepy gal. We will anticipate more news coming our way and will report as we receive them.

Check out the latest trailer of the film here!


Original ANNABELLE Trailer