Because horror NEEDS a stop motion movie!

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To love Jack Skellington, one must love THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS! FANTASTIC MR.FOX…speaks for itself! And where would ARMY OF DARKNESS be without its army? Innovative ideas are what keep entertainment in constant forward motion and this project is doing just that!

From macabre artist Abigail Braman and lead animator David Ernst (MTV’S CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH SERIES, PROMETHEUS AND BOB ) comes a short film to break new boundaries in the horror genre. Combining the gruesome elements of horror with professionally done stop-motion animation, CADILLAC DUST will produce and eerie, naturalistic style, catering to adults and horror and animation fans alike. Dark and twisted in nature, CADILLAC DUST will be anything but predictable. This story focuses on two nameless characters that catch up and converse about life, while taking their classic car out deep into the woods for a very grisly night’s work. Filled with juxtaposing elements, CADILLAC DUST will take you on a spooky ride through life, death, and the

Starring Matt Mercer (CONTRACTED, THE MIND’S EYE), this short’s two main characters appear seemingly normal on the outside, but contain something very sinister on the inside (the role of the second man will be revealed upon further completion of the film.) Each puppet will be delicately handcrafted with little to no stylization, giving this film a very realistic and spooky look.

Stop-motion animation done on a professional level is something rarely seen in the horror genre, and is something that we’d all like to see more of. CADILLAC DUST will merge these two enjoyable art forms together, producing something creepy and unique, and a film that all horror fans can get behind. Please visit the link! Support a great innovative project for our horror

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