Scream Queen in the making Chloe Moretz is going from Hit-Girl to horror ‘It’ girl. She will join Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton in the remake of the Dario Argento horror classic ‘Suspiria’. This will be a Amazon production with Luca Guadagnino taking the helm.

Seems like Chloe Moretz is building quite the little horror resume. The Amityville Horror, Let Me In, Dark Shadows, Carrie and now Suspiria.

Let’s hope this goes better then most remakes as this one is dear to many horror purists hearts. Rumor is that Dario himself does not think it’s a good idea but the director of the remake has stated he intends to do the original justice although that dreaded word ‘commercial’ is probably being discussed somewhere. Argento’s original did not care about such things.


Source: Variety