It seems as if Universal is doing as much as they can to cover a wide spectrum on the fear palette — and with their recent addition they seem to have it covered.

When they announced THE EXORCIST: THE POSSESSION OF REGAN MACNEIL, I was sold… Then they said TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: BLOOD BROTHERS and I nearly passed out. After I collected myself I was given the knockout punch of KRAMPUS, HALLOWEEN, FREDDY VS JASON, and AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Everything was already in motion to be a scary, good time; but then Halloween Horror Nights teamed with Eli Roth, and Crypt TV, to bring you… ELI ROTH’s TERROR TRAM: Where Killer Clowns runs amok.

The Terror Tram experience replaces the Walking Dead experience — which had guests trekking through the WAR OF THE WORLDS, and PYSCHO sets — but instead of hungry, rabid zombies, we now have blood thirsty Clowns. Creative Director, for Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights, John Murdy assures us, “The goal of ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ is to create the most intense, most memorable and ultimately, the most terrifying experiences for our guests. And there is no better partner than Eli Roth to deliver unabashed horror that’s so real you can feel it. We were fortunate to work with Eli years ago on his original ‘Hostel’ themed maze, so we can only imagine the terror that he’s envisioning.” Coming from the Horror Nights Master himself, we can rest assured that we’re going to have ourselves one hell of a good time with the new Terror Tram.

Check out the press release from Universal, for more details on their latest attraction:

Universal Studios Hollywood Partners with Horror Filmmaker Eli Roth and Crypt TV

to Unveil an All-New “Terror Tram” Experience Where Killer Clowns Run Amok

at Universal Studios as Part of this Year’s Terrifying “Halloween Horror Nights,”

Beginning Friday, September 16

CLICK HERE for a Look at the Nightmare that Awaits

Universal City, CA, August 25, 2016 – Horror auteur Eli Roth (“Hostel”) and his digital network Crypt TV take the helm of the infamous “Terror Tram,” marking the first time ever that the signature attraction comes to life through the twisted mind of the filmmaker, as part of this year’s “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood, which kicks off Friday, September 16, 2016.

            “Eli Roth Presents Terror Tram” will expose guests to the fabled legacy of serial killer clown “Hollywood Harry,” the story of a former jovial celebrity clown turn depraved murderer, and the minefield of carnage he left behind.

“I’m thrilled to be part of ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ again,” said Eli Roth. “We wanted to completely fabricate an original story that brings together our absolute freakiest, scariest most disturbing ideas.  The ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ team is the best in the business. Their production and execution is unmatched and I know this ‘Terror Tram’ experience will blow away all expectations, and haunt guests for the rest of their lives.  ‘Halloween Horror Nights is the must-see event for any horror movie fan—it’s like the Super Bowl for scary movies, and is my favorite event of the year.”

            The all-new “Terror Tram” experience will tell the sordid tale of former Angeleno resident Harold Kappowitz whose alter ego “Koodles the Clown” went from cheerful circus performer, to the lovable star of his own children’s network television show…before he was overcome by his genuine “killer instincts.”

By the 1990s, hard knocks took a deadly toll on Kappowitz, and the onetime endearing clown found himself exiled by the very Hollywood entertainment community that once adored him. With an all-consuming anger and hatred, Kappowitz—a now crazed and disheveled recluse—took refuge from society by hiding out at Universal Studios, emerging as notorious serial killer clown, “Hollywood Harry.”  Recurring murders began to dominate the studio, as “Hollywood Harry” drew strength from recruiting other outcast former clowns who, together, took revenge on Studio Tour guides and visitors alike, ceremoniously killing them, and leaving behind a deadly trail of terror.

A series of short form content, produced by Crypt TV in conjunction Universal Studios Hollywood, aired on the digital horror network to tease the story of “Hollywood Harry” and create momentum for the announcement reveal of “Eli Roth Presents Terror Tram.”

The excitement is unbearable as we near towards that fateful night… September

Terror Tram - Clowns