Legendary horror author and member of the notorious Splatterpunk collective, Craig Spector will see three of his solo novels get the omnibus treatment in early 2017. The novels included are A Question Of Will, Underground, Turnaround. The books will also be available as eBooks and possible print on demand releases.

Craig announced the news on his Facebook page saying: “Earlier this month, I vague booked about some exciting news for me in bookland… here it is: Coming up in early 2017, Crossroad Press will be releasing NEW editions of my three solo novels, A QUESTION OF WILL (aka To Bury The Dead), UNDERGROUND, and TURNAROUND. These will be eBooks, but there is talk of possible POD editions. Additionally, later in 2017, these books will be collected in an omnibus edition called CRAIG SPECTOR: SO FAR. Further, in addition to the new Crossroad Press releases, Australian/NZ small press Satalyte Press will be doing their own POD edition of the omnibus, and a limited HARDCOVER edition. This is a legacy project for me, and given my health battles, I think the title is downright optimistic. I am very pleased with this, hope you will be too!”


Craig and former writing partner, John Skipp lit the literary world ablaze with their novels, The Light at the End ( the best vampire novel since Bram Stoker’s Dracula in this humble writer’s opinion), The Cleanup, The Scream, Dead Lines, The Bridge, and Animals. They also edited the zombie opus anthology Book of the Dead. After Skipp & Spector disbanded Craig went on to a successful solo writing gig that included screenplays and music endeavors. As mentioned in Craig’s Facebook post he’s been battling some health issues as of late after being diagnosed with Stage four prostate cancer that has metastized  to his bones. Craig’s one helluva a fighter and continues to provide horror fans with pulse pounding, page turning tales. Having been a fan of Craig’s work since I was a teen I’m buying this set the minute it’s available and I highly recommend that you do the same.

A gofundme page has been set up to assist Craig with the financial struggles associated with a life threatening disease. You can donate by clicking HERE