In this day and age, with everything interconnected, it’s remarkable what a simple tweet or a Facebook post can do. When you’re a celebrity, that reach expands infinite amounts, and before you know it, people start to believe all sorts of crazy things.

This very thing happened to Kevin Bacon recently.

According to an article published by Cinemablend, the star of FOOTLOOSE, TREMORS, and Fox’s “The Following” expressed interest in donning the red and green sweater of horror icon Freddy Krueger amidst talks of a remake.

After a fan tweeded about how amazing she though he’d be in the role, he took to the internet to voice his approval of the suggestion.

At this point, of course all of this is nothing more than internet rumor but we at Terror Time are of the opinion that Kevin would be a pretty alright fit if it were to come down to casting yet another new actor to wear the bladed glove. Kevin Bacon is no stranger to horror, making one of his earliest appearances as the stunningly handsome Jack Burnell in FRIDAY THE 13TH in 1980 (and falling victim to the demented Pamela Voorhees by way of a forced “tracheotomy by arrow”). Bacon has played his share of creepy characters over the years and has the perfect acting voice to play a charismatic baddie like Krueger.

While his tweek guarantees absolutely nothing, it’s certainly enough to get fans excited over the possibility.
With the rash of remakes and reboots we’ve seen in horror, it seems almost foolish to think that a recasting of Mr. Krueger wouldn’t be on the books sometime soon. And of all the people up to carry Robert Englund’s seemingly inextinguishable torch, it’s definitely Kevin Bacon.

Despite 2010’s NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET being a relative flop, do you think Kevin Bacon would prove a better choice for the (seemingly inevitable) reboot?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Hopefully if/when Bacon does take over the claws and fedora, we’ll get to see some of those sassy dance moves he brought to Bomont in FOOTLOOSE. Because even Freddy Krueger has to barn-dance his anger out sometimes.

Freddy Krueger baby!!