scary endings

Director John Fitzpatrick and his crew are back with another entry in their monthly ‘Scary Endings’ horror anthology series, this one titled “Party Crasher” (and if the true crimes of the recently apprehended Golden State Killer unnerve you, then this is sure to terrify).

Written and directed by Fitzpatrick and starring Ryan Dillon, Camilla Jackson, and Jai Koutrae, “Party Crasher” serves as Episode 16 of the ‘Scary Endings’ series, as well as (sadly) the series finale.

Scary endings

Produced by director Fitzpatrick (along with Sarah Fitzpatrick, Jessica Chandler, Ryan Dillon, Brian Chandler, and Adam J. Yeend), the filmmaker told us of the short, which had been filmed in 2017 and only now released, “Inspiration did come a little bit from the crimes of (Golden State Killer) Joseph DeAngelo. I don’t recall exactly how, because we filmed this almost a year ago and long before he was caught, but somehow that little tidbit about the dinner plates got discussed in the news, and we sort of just used that as a springboard. What we were really wanting to do was more of a Poe homage, with the (SPOILER) black cat, and to explore the idea of consequences. Our particular spin was that we took the consequences of a broken promise, and sort of visually depicted it. It’s kinda’ artsy but we thought it would be fun.”

The filmmaker continued of the well-received web series, which has over the course of its two season run put a spotlight on everything from killer clowns to werewolves and most everything in between, It feels good to complete the final episode, but there are mixed emotions about finishing it.  We had a really awesome run, but as you can imagine over that period of time, a lot of changes in our real lives led to time becoming scarce, so Scary Endings needed to come to a close.  There has definitely been a sense of being lost over the last few months (because) for so long we all came together and created every weekend, and now there is really a big hole emotionally where Scary Endings once was.”

“What I can say is that over that time we all grew in so many ways: as storytellers, as filmmakers and most importantly as friends,” concluded Fitzpatrick, who in addition to ‘Scary Endings’ wrote and directed the award winning shorts “Skypemare” and “Brentwood Strangler”, and now we have a really large family out there in the horror community that we have fell even more in love with. This is not, however, ‘Goodbye.’ We do want to create again, and we will still make horror shorts, but just a little less frequently, and probably more stand-alone verses being part of a series.”

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Ben wakes to find himself covered in dishware and a masked intruder looming above him; it’s simple – if he moves and drops a plate, his wife Beth will die. Frozen and unable to move, Ben has no choice but to keep still, or does he? As the intruder reveals himself to Beth in the other room, it turns out this intruder’s choice in victim is anything but random.

“Party Crasher” – Scary Endings – Episode 16