Easter Sunday Horror Movie

Easter Sunday – It’s not just a Holiday

Our genre is at no loss of holiday backdrop themes but some brilliant minds executed a truly fun horror movie and made the Easter Bunny one who gives something to to be afraid of! It’s evil is not chocolate covered! An evil spirit is resurrected in the form of a man, in a bunny outfit with an axe at a bonfire 20 years after facing the local Sheriff, to slaughter the innocent kids who brought him back to life before they send him back to hell for good. Do you love “Maniac cop”? “Shaun of the Dead”? “Easter Sunday” introduces us to “The Bunnyman” who possess Douglas Fisher and is confronted by the town sheriff played by none other than horror icon Robert Z’Dar.This also was Mr. Z’Dar’s last performance in a film before his death.

Easter Sunday Robert Z'Dar

The evil spirit is resurrected by his friends at a bonfire party and they are all targeted for death by the Bunnyman who has possessed their friend Got your attention? We’ll meet some of the additional incredible cast . Jason DelGado (“Toxic Tutu” & “Burnin Hell”),Edward X Young(“Mr.Hush” & “Mold”) and the First Jason himself, Ari Lehman.

I came up with the idea of Easter Sunday when I was in high school. The legend of Bunnyman bridge in Fairfax Virginia was heavily the influence for my story. I’ve always been a huge fan of holiday horror films, and Easter happened to be a very untapped holiday for a supernatural slasher to go on a homicidal rampage! I’m sure that this movie will find its audience among movie fans who love films such as Thanks killing and films from the studios of Troma and Full Moon Entertainment. I hope that when comedy and horror fans think of this holiday, that they think of our film.-Jeremy Todd Morehead (Director) The collaboration of working with people in the film industry that are truly in it for the creative rewards and not purely looking to reach a certain level of notoriety among the industry in my opinion was a big part in this film’s overall success in being completed. We had been told “you can’t do this” by so many people and we felt it was our duty to prove them wrong. With today’s technological advances and our ability to literally learn to do anything on Youtube or with a search engine at the whim of our fingertips, that fact that people continues to live in their own situation and not have the ambition or drive or gusto, whatever you want to characterize it as and follow their own passions outside of the normal socially accepted 9-5 style death trap cubicle job still confuses me today. Now I am not a person who relies on faith heavily but I am a person who believes that faith i yourself and confidence in your abilities is the underlying most important message and lesson that every individual needs to learn. We did this for the guys working 60+ hours a week with kids and a mortgage. We did this for the guys that have been performing music their whole lives and may be thinking of giving up. We did this for the kids who are thinking right now they can’t follow in the footsteps of their idols. For the people that are held back simply by their own beliefs. This film is a testament to what anybody can accomplish if they relentlessly pursue their passions. I know it may seem cliche, but you don’t have to give up. You don’t have to give in.-Jason Delgado​ (Producer) This indie brilliance is an honorable smart contribution to true horror!

A must see! – Amy Humphries (chic who wrote this HA!)

Easter Sunday Horror Movie

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