No matter what group or affiliation you belong to, there’s one thing that brings us together: Our hate for the year 2016. It seemed like it stalked us like an animal, bringing terror, blood, and monsters with it. Through the massive amount of celebrity deaths, battles across the globe, an unbelievably ugly election cycle, and yes, even Brexit, it just seemed to slash on and on and on.

Friend Dog Studios – 2016

So how do some people deal with it? They go to art. And that’s exactly what Friend Dog Studios did with their faux trailer to the horror movie that is 2016. Starting off with the New Year, as things get stranger and stranger, a group of friends realizes that 2016 itself is hunting them down one by one. They tackle almost every major event of the last year in a humorous way that melds current events and classic slasher film tropes. There are even a few moments when it’s genuinely creepy. You can check out the simply amazing trailer below:

Friend Dog Studios is known for their hilarious YouTube sketches and web series, and they seem to have outdone themselves with this two-minute gem. Enough so that I think we need to see the actual movie. Right now. I’m looking at you, Tarantino and Rodriguez. I mean if you can take fake trailers and produce things like MACHETE and HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, this is something we all need.

Friend Dog Studios – 2016 Horror Trailer

Check out the other works of Friend Dog Studios and support them any way you can. We’re going to need people like them to get us through the coming months. It looks like time is already generating sequel material for them.