With the recent release of the the brand new Pennywise, details on Stephen King’s IT reboot is slowing trickling through the pipeline.  You can find the article of Pennywise’s new look in its entirety penned by Terror Time here!


While it appears that horror fans are reveling in any details released, there are a few individuals that are not too keen on the film. In particular some neighbors who live in the homes next to a large mansion where the film is currently being shot at.


The Cranfield House, located in Toronto, was built in 1902 and is about 18,000 square feet. Most of the time the home stays abandoned but, the cinema industry has had its fair share of production sets here.  Shows like “Orphan Black,” “Gangland Uncover,” “Paranormal Witness,” and “Habitats” have all used this heritage mansion to shoot footage. Warner Brothers, which is currently producing IT, has rented out the home since April.

The home even has its own plaque.


A rare glimpse into the shooting shows a home that could be a key piece to the film. As you can see, the front of the home is muddled with filming equipment.

Courtesy of CBC.CA

Because of the twenty four hour shooting schedule and the endless amounts of individuals flocking in and out of the home, neighbors are complaining that crew and staff are not being respective of the neighborhood and have reported complaints of “trespassing, littering and smoking.”

Zaib Shaikh, the city’s film commissioner has stated that his office has been working with the studio company to ensure minimal disruption to neighbors. 

Hopefully, more details will unfold surrounding the movie. After the reveal of the new Pennywise, I absolutely cannot wait for this reboot.

Stephen King's IT

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Stephen King’s IT