With The Conjuring 2 ruling the box office and the upcoming Ghostbusters remake it’s looking to be the summer of ghosts. Everyone loves a good ghost story and cinematic ghosts have been making audiences cringe and jump for decades. Here’s five ghost films that you may have missed that deserve your attention on a dark and stormy night.


100 Feet - Ghost Movies

100 Feet:

Writer/Director Eric Red delivers a ghostly tale of a woman on house arrest for killing her husband in self-defense. The ghost of her husband torments her inside the home which she can’t leave. Starring; Famke Janssen, Bobby Cannvale, and Michael Pare this gem excels with great acting and legitimate scares that many of its contemporaries aren’t able to achieve.




Ghost Movies


Carnival of Souls:

Herk Harvey wrote and directed this classic ghoulish delight. Made for $33,000 in Lawrence, Kansas and Salt Lake City. The tale centers on Mary Henry and her experience’s after a car crash that she emerges from. The character of The Man played by Harvey has become an iconic image in the genre. This film provided inspiration to such greats as Lynch and Romero. The organ score is some of the best that the genre has to offer.



Hanover House - Ghost Movies

The Hanover House:

Corey Norman’s The Hanover House wears its heart on its sleeve. An amazing accomplishment of film-making at $22,000 it far outdoes it’s higher budget brethren in highlighting the emotional scars of ghosts past while still upping the tension with fantastic camera angles and a great performance from Ann Bobby.




Ghostwatch - Ghost Movies



Much like Orson Welles did with his War of the Worlds broadcast Lesley Manning and crew threw the UK into hysterics with this 1992 gem. Ghostwatch was broadcast on Halloween night and featured TV personalities portraying themselves while they investigated the most haunted house in Britain. The BBC was flooded with calls of outrage during the broadcast and many thought the events were real even though the show was not portrayed as reality and even contained a written by title card. All these years’ later people still remember Ghostwatch. It’s proven a fantastic influence to many of the ghost films of recent years. Pipes is one of my personal favorites when it comes to cinematic ghosts.




Ghost Movies

The House Where Evil Dwells:

Kevin Connor (Motel Hell) directed this early eighties film about an American family who moves into a hillside home in Japan and begin to experience signs of the home being haunted by the ghosts of three people who violently died there. This movie is one of those eighties gems that gets forgotten about. It’s got a great backstory around the haunting and an ending that strays from the usual genre tropes.