Winchester House

The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, has always maintained a mysterious persona. The Queen Anne Style Victorian mansion was built in 1884 and did not cease construction until 1922.

After the death of her infant and husband, Sarah Winchester visited a medium to ease her pain and seek answers. The medium instructed that Sarah should move from her home in New Haven to the West and build a home for her and the spirits of the victims that lost their lives to the Winchester rifle.


Today the looming mansion is a historical landmark that is rumored to be plagued by strange hauntings. In true Halloween fashion, the Winchester Mystery House will begin selling tickets on September 2nd for an all-new tour.

Halloween Candlelight Tour 

For ten nights only, visitors will be able to experience a chilling tour through areas of the home with the most paranormal activity.

According to The Winchester Mystery House official release:

Winchester Mystery House
Courtesy of Winchester Mystery House

In a chilling and Gothic atmosphere, guests to this all-new immersive experience have just themselves, flickering candlelight and their imagination to guide them through the storied 160-room Victorian mansion noted for its “activity.”

On this new guided tour, candlelight provides the only illumination through the bewildering maze of rooms, frozen in a state of arrested decay or still resplendent in Victorian grandeur. Although touches of festive Halloween abound, the atmosphere is heavy with foreboding as an unseen presence seems to be watching at all times.

Brave souls can experience Halloween by candlelight at Winchester Mystery House during only 10 evenings in October 2016 (Oct. 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, and 28 – 31). Ticket prices vary from $35 – $49 and go on sale Friday, September 2nd.

You can purchase the tickets here once they go on sale.

Helen Mirren will star in the movie  ‘Winchester’ from CBS Films

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