Happy Death Day

‘Happy Death Day’ Hits $100M At Box Office And A Win For Horror

Horror Movies are slowly gets recognition in the world of box office profits

Blumhouse and it’s distributor Universal Pictures are having a very good year for their partnership. The year started with M. Knight Shyamalans ‘Split’, which grossed $278M and that was quickly followed by Jordon Peele’s ‘Get Out’ which took in $253M. Both films cost much less then any Superhero film at $300M+ price tags. Both of those film were made for a fraction of that and are surely balancing out the books and covering the losses. Horror kinda saves the year. Let us not forget about the beats of a horror film that Warner Bros. released a couple months ago, Stephen King’s IT.

Now the film ‘Happy Death Day’ join join that list as it has now also officially crossed the $100M mark by taking in $55M domestically and $45M oversea’s. Blumhouse is really having an insanely good year and so is the horror genre. It’s a good time to be a horror movie fan.