Podcasts are all the rage right now. Most of them are free, informative and the perfect time killer while being stuck in rush hour traffic. You are instantly transformed into someone else’s world and it is kinda nice hearing voices other than the ones that are keeping you up at night.

Horror podcasts are a current fan favorite. There is nothing better I like to do while walking my dog on a cold, crisp Fall day than to hear scary stories, local murders and of course, the plight of a serial killer.

So, pop those earbuds in and explore the following podcasts that are free, fun, and full of ghoulish delight.


LORE – Hosted by Aaron Mahnke, LORE is the  Winner of the iTunes “Best of 2015” Award. This show exposes the darker side of history, haunts and folklore. This show is so awesome, that 6 months after it launched, Propogate Content and Valhalla Entertainment moved to produce a television show based off of Mahnke’s work. Inspiration, indeed. Subscribe and watch it here.


MY FAVORITE MURDER – Karen Kilgariff (which I had initially read as “Kill a Giraffe”) and Georgia Hardstark host this hilarious, frightening, gut wrenching and entertaining show, where they discuss tales of grisly murders and local hometown crime sprees. This is a “no holding back” type of podcast which makes it truly enjoyable. The girls are fans of the genre and to hear two women talk about intestines dangling out of bodies have most certainly made my commutes a lot shorter. Interestingly enough, this was rated as one of the top comedy podcasts. You can get your own dose of staying sexy by not getting murdered audio enjoyment, here.


IN THE DARK  –  Every parent’s nightmare comes in the form of a child disappearing without a trace. Truly more frightnening than any other ghost story, this podcast discusses child abductions and the case of Jacob Wetterling.  Jacob was a young boy, 11, when he was kidnapped and until this year, his whereabouts were scarce. His remains were found, nearly 27 years after his abduction and a child sex predator admitted to killing the young boy. APM (American Public Media) and reporter Madeleine Baran go into detail as to how law enforcement may have mishandled sensitive information by not provide the proper authoritative services to solve this crime. You can download the episodes on iTunes here.


THE NO SLEEP PODCAST – Exactly what it says. If there is one show to tide you over until Halloween, this is it. The podcast is a bit different from the latter as it focuses more towards the creative mind and is geared towards horror fiction. Contributors submit their fiction stories which are brought to live by voice actors. There are  a lot of episodes to choose from and you can hear them here.


THIS AMERICAN HORROR STORY PODCAST – For the fans of the hugely popular anthology series comes a podcast hosted by Tyler Moss and Kris Husted as they break down each episode from the respective series. I personally love these types of podcasts for the mere reason that I end up picking up some nuggets of information, I wouldn’t have normally caught. You can find the episodes on Stitcher and iTunes.


SCREAM QUEENZ HORROR PODCAST – FIVE time nominee for the People’s Choice Podcast Award for Best GLBT Podcast, y’all! Everyone knows that if you are fond of horror, you are most likely a candidate to be sarcastic, witty and a delight to be around. Host Patrick, a.k.a. the angriest redhead in New York City takes viewers into his lair of wicked sarcasm, horror reviews and a splash of “sparkling gay repartee.” If you are looking for a chuckle and Chucky, check out the episodes here.

Well, there you have it, folks! My picks for podcast fun! Do you have any particular horror ones that I haven’t fancied it that you would like to share to the world? Drop me a line and let me know!

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