Krampus Cristmas festival Austria

Celebrate Christmas in terrifying style! Join Austria’s ‘Krampus’ run and add a little horror to your Holiday!

Most places that most people live celebrate Christmas in a wholesome and loving way. it is better to give then to receive as they say. Well, in a small towns in Austria they do things a little differently. It’s called the ‘Krampus‘ run where they celebrate the spooky Christmas tale with terror.

Hollabrunn’s Market Square in Austria was the site of the town’s annual Krampus run Saturday, where thousands were whipped, chased and growled at by over 100 Krampus impersonators and it looks wild.

Check out the video of the celebration below!

Krampus, an evil companion of Santa Claus, stretches back to pre-Christian pagan rituals in Germanic folklore and has usually been characterized as a demonic figure with goat horns. By the 17th century, the figure was incorporated in Christmas traditions offering a counter to the generous Saint Nicholas. Instead of delivering treats to good boys and girls, Krampus punishes the bad children by beating them and tossing them into a cage he carries around on his back.

Krampus Festival Austria

Merry Christmas horror freaks. Let’s go to Austria next year!!