‘House Of Straw’

Every marriage experiences domestic dispute, but, what if the secret you are harboring is so terrifying that you have to lock it up before sunset?

Vampire stories are a dime a dozen, however, werewolf based films have been a bit dumbed down with films like TWILIGHT depicting a less than harrowing aspect of the creatures.

House of Straw 3

HOUSE OF STRAW first premiered at Fantastic Fest in 2015 and is written & directed by Kyle Bogart. The film follows a couple going through troubled times. Mainly because Emma, the wife, has to keep her husband Reed locked away before he truly wreaks havoc in their quite suburban neighborhood.

You can watch the short here, which boasts an impressive storyline.  The short stars Liz Beckham and Jason Newman.

From Vimeo: It’s six o’clock and Emma has a lot to do before sunset. But a domestic dispute threatens to throw a wrench in the gears. As disagreements turn into accusations, she has precious little time to lock her husband away before their monstrous secret begins to break free.

House Of Straw Movie Poster

Bogart has announced that a feature film is currently in the works that will be based off the short.

Beware the silver bullet.

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‘House Of Straw