The duo of filmmakers behind Bandit Motion Pictures,  Scott Shirmer (Found, Harvest Lake) & Brian Williams (Time To Kill, Play Me) have announced that their next project is  titled Plank  Face. They’ve completed filming and will release the film this year. Two photos were also released to the film’s Facebook page. A trailer and pre-orders of special editions will come on June 27th. Scott and Brian have been quite the force in independent film the past few years. Their first release under the Bandit Motion Pictures label was this year’s Harvest Lake which is easily going to be in this writers top 10 of the year list. One thing that is guaranteed is that this movie will provide you with a take on the genre that you’ve never seen. Scott and Brian are two of the top forces in independent cinema and with every film that they release something new and thought provoking is introduced to the audience. So for all of those who tire of remakes, reboots, retreads, and generic plot devices  keep your eyes on the Plank Face Facebook page and here at Terror Time for all the updates on this exciting upcoming release.

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