By definition a muse is the source of an artist’s inspiration. When an artist is in the throes of creating there is always that one person they can look to for inspiration. Horror films and the people who create them are fertile ground when it comes to inspiring people so with this top five list we’re going to examine those who modern day creators look to when they need that push over the finish line.

Lon Chaney

The man of a thousand faces is without a doubt one of the finest actors to ever grace the silver screen and one that continues to inspire people including directors, actors, and makeup fx artists. The wizardry he was able to pull off with the smallest amount of resources is astounding.

Dick Smith

Along with the previously mentioned Lon Chaney, makeup fx wouldn’t be done today if it weren’t for Mr. Smith and the groundbreaking work and accessibility that he provided as fuel for generations of fx artists. I guarantee you his book, Dick Smith’s Do-It-Yourself Monster Makeup Handbook is owned by every self respecting makeup artist working today.

Robert Englund

The gold standard when it comes to the modern day boogeyman. He’s inspired countless writers and directors when they need a character who can terrify audiences. Ever the consummate professional he’s given his all in projects that range from high budget studio films to smaller more intimate affairs.

John Carpenter

John Carpenter is the name most modern day horror filmmaker’s will drop when asked who inspires them. From his writing, shot selection and film scores he has provided the total package for those looking for the recipe for terror. Although I must say if I hear one more piss poor attempt this year from a filmmaker trying to rape a Carpenter synth score I might just lose my mind.

Linnea Quigley

Her name is one of the first to come to mind when you say Scream Queen. She helped lay the foundation for the modern day horror starlet. Never shying away from a role, she tackles every challenge head on. From her Horror Workout video to the independent films and filmmakers she works with today Linnea will always wear the crown for those who dream to scream.

An honorable mention also has to go to Jason Mewes. Be sure to read my interview with him by clicking HERE. I’ve provided you with who I think inspire those currently creating. Who do you view as a Horror Muse?

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