We’ll be traveling into The Further again!

‘Insidious’ penned by Leigh Whannell before even ‘The Conjuring’, has went on to spawn 2 sequels and now Sony confirmed another installment at CinemaCon 2016!

The franchise based off of a psychic traveling into “The Further” [spirit limbo] to retrieve lost or stolen souls and bring them back to their bodies is a franchise that may or may not be one of the most remembered horror franchises of the 21st century [it’s also in my eyes sort of a modern day version of ‘Poltergeist’]. It brings iconness of horror Lin Shaye on board to portray Elise (The Psychic), an actress whom’s starred in films such as Wes Craven’s ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ and ‘Ouija’.

As I researched more on the film I came across this interview Whannel did with IGN last year.

“Everyone’s been pretty good about it. Not talking too much about the sequel. Anytime it gets brought up I think it should go down that direction of following their adventures. As you said you see Elise, Specs and Tucker, they wander up the road, and it’s kind of like they are walking to their next adventure, so if I was writing it, that’s probably where I would want to go.”

Whannel then continued on stating his plans for the next film

“I think an interesting thing would be to follow Elise, Specs and Tucker from the end of the third film. See what their next adventure would be. Remain in that prequel world. That’s just me – a lot of people will send me Tweets saying ‘What happened at the end of the second one – we need to find out.’ But I actually think the other direction would be more interesting – to see where Elise and Specs and Tucker would go with their adventures.”

Following the events of the third film to the fourth one would make total sense and definitely give room to tie the fourth to the first [without it “hopefully”, during these ghost-busting adventures start to feel like a serious version of ‘The Ghostbusters’].


So far the ground that was covered in the film’s was [SPOILER ALERT] A kid (TJ Simpkins) has out of body experiences when he sleeps, he ends up getting caught in The Further and his dad Josh (Patrick Wilson) (plagued with the same ability) has to go in and get him. Next film: Follows the aftermath; when dad went in [The Further]  to get his son “something” followed him out, as dad has one of his own out of body experiences his body is taken over by a dark spirit, Parker Crane, a spirit of a serial killer. Parker in the body of Josh wants to kill Josh’s wife and kids. After Carl [a psychiatrist] catches wind that the man in Josh isn’t Josh, he tranquilizes him, which in turn backfires and Josh [Parker Crane] kills Carl.  As Carl and Real Josh unite in The Further the duo teams up with the spirit of Elise [Elise tells Carl he’s not dead so can return when this all is over], to Defeat the spirits haunting Josh’s family. After being partly successful Josh and Carl follow the instructions of Elise to find out where Parker Crane’s memories started, to remove him, from there they watched as Parker’s evil mother played the memory of her hatred she has over her child [Parker Crane] over and over again [he was a boy she wanted him to be a girl so she beat him], Mama Crane during the memory looked up and seen Elise, Carl and Josh watching the beating and scolding. She removed Elise and Carl from the room leaving Josh alone. The room, now transformed into a dark room featuring sheet draped souls of the Parker Crane murdered, has Mama Crane inside hiding. Meanwhile in the living world, Josh [Parker Crane Possessed] goes on a ‘The Shining’ esque murder spree and spots real Josh’s son Dalton asleep trying to find his real father in The Further, before [Parker Crane] possessed Josh attempted to kill Dalton, a part of Parker’s soul that wasn’t drenched in torment and sin reached out through Dalton to Elise, and by guidance by Elise, he opened the door of the room which real Josh was trapped in to have Elise kill his mother destroying the memories of her, freeing his spirit, in turn removing himself from real Josh’s body. As Dalton succeeded in finding his father and Carl, he brought them and himself back to their bodies. Carl then succeeded in removing all memory of the gift to travel to The Further from Dalton and Josh through hypnosis, and Elise teamed up with Specs and Tucker (they just didn’t know she was there) to help spirits crossover. The next film was a prequel to the first film: Taking place with a broken family who was struggling after the death of Lilly Brenner. Quinn [the daughter of Lilly] tried calling out to her mother (which is a big no no according to Elise) which in turn called out to ALL the spirits [that’s why it’s a no no]. Elise was called in to help out Quinn (Stefanie Scott) reach out to her mother for her, not finding Lilly, Elise is troubled by sight of Quinn in The Further being kidnapped by “a man who couldn’t breath”. As he had Quinn’s soul captive in The Further, Quinn became weak and close to death and then eventually possessed. Elise then had to travel into The Further to retrieve Quinn’s soul from “the man that cannot breathe” but was unsuccessful. Quinn’s mother then was called out to to intervene and give her daughter the strength she needed to stand up to “the man who couldn’t breath” and get back to her body. Elise having this victory gotten out of her depression/retirement and went into the ghost-hunting business with Specs and Tucker.

The ending of part 3 had Elise ambushed by a red faced entity, she obviously survived because this was a prequel but if Whannel said the fourth chapter has a possibly of being a continuation of the third then it’s also a possibility that the fourth will either recap or re enact the scene that should have happened after the ambush.

If you noticed; the franchise ended up doing a dip in the box office: ‘Insidious’ made under $100 million, Chapter 2 shot up to $161.9 million then Chapter 3 became the ehh film [not a bad rating but not a great one] in the box office, making about $50 million less than the franchise’s previous film.

No release date or plot has been released for this film as of yet

Take a moment and watch how badass Lin Shaye’s Elise is

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