descargaFirst, she brought a beloved anime character to life in AEON FLUX. Then, she made us take Megan Fox seriously with JENNIFER’S BODY. And after bringing us all around the table to show how frightening dinner parties can be in THE INVITATION, Karyn Kusama is making us rethink having kids.

Variety is reporting that Kusama is signed on to direct 20th Century Fox’s upcoming horror film BREED, based on a novel of the same name by Chase Novak. BREED, published in 2013, follows a wealthy New York couple who turn to a controversial Eastern European fertility clinic to conceive when all conventional methods fail. Ten years later, the nightmarish side effects of the procedure begin to manifest.

Kusama reunites with producers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, who are also adapting the novel. Hay and Manfredi also wrote 2015’s THE INVITATION which Kusama also directed. Scott Frank is also producing as part of a development deal with 20th Century Fox, with a possible budget of $20 to $30 million.  Speaking to Variety, Hay said of the project:

“‘BREED was the first piece of material I acquired and was a complete no-brainer — falling right into the sweet spot of the work that I’m trying to do in my partnership with Fox,” Frank said. “The fact that I also get to collaborate with the talented likes of Phil, Matt, and Karyn only makes an already exciting project even sweeter.”

BREED comes at a time when the “creepy kid” sub-genre is prevalent, with films like THE CONJURING series, THE BOY, and OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL releasing this year. It’s also announced at a time in which female horror directors are woefully underrepresented; it’s important to see Karyn Kusama contributing even more to the genre.

-Source: Variety

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