“We’re all terrified of the dark. As kids, we were convinced something was hiding in the closet or under the bed, and that stays with us. It’s universal. Lights Out plays on that simple concept, and thats the brilliance and the fun of it.” – James Wan

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The TCL Chinese Theatre is the most iconic movie palace in the world. With over 50 events a year, including movie premieres, imprint ceremonies, and film festivals, the theatre continues to make Hollywood history every day. – TCL Chinese Theatre 

On July 19th, TCL Chinese Theatre rolled out the black carpet for the highly coveted premiere of Lights Out and the air was just buzzing with excitement. Our friends at Warner Brothers Studios gave Terror Time the unique opportunity to not only attend a private screening of the film, but also granted press access to the star studded event.

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Dubbed, “The most inventive horror movie of the year,” it was no surprise that all attendees of the film were excited to not only be part of the event, but were ready to be terrified.

The sultry and stunning Lotta Losten, the original lead in the original Lights Out short, gave Terror Time a nod on our review of the film and might we add how amazing she looked!

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Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of all was the sinister and haunting music that radiated through the speakers. An element I have noted in James Wan’s films is that the soundtrack is impeccable. The man behind the soundtrack for the film, award winning composer Benjamin Wallfisch, has worked on films such as Batman v. Superman and 12 Years a Slave.

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Teresa Palmer, who also starred in Grudge 2, did a stellar job in her role of the film. Teresa is a self-proclaimed huge horror fan and was excited to be part of the project. “It’s petrifying. Diana is what your nightmares are made of. She truly is the scariest thing you can imagine.”

Teresa’s emotional journey of her character was heartfelt and certainly did justice to the underlying element of the film: family.

Lights Out Teresa Palmer

A concept of the film that is fascinating is the creature that lurks in the dark is played by stunt double and gymnast Alicia Vela-Bailey. Hardly any CGI was used to create Diana’s character and nearly everything was done in-camera.
Diana 5

Since Diana’s character is pretty much a silhouette, Alicia wore a black body suit that was created by prosthetics designer Matthew W. Mungle, black makeup, a black wig and goggles that allowed her to see as well as gave the illusion of eye slits when viewed from the camera. Because of Alicia’s svelte body, the directors were able to have her skin appear translucent which made her appear skinnier. The lack of CGI gave more creative control of how Diana moved through the darkness.

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Ava Cantrell (Haunted Hathaways) and Emily Alyn Lind (The Haunting in Connecticut 2) looked absolutely exquisite as they made their way through the carpet and discussed what scared them.


The script was penned by Eric Heisserer (Final Destination 5, Nightmare on Elm Street). Eric has stated that Sandberg’s prototype effort was a “remarkable piece of cinema that affected my lizard brain, just got down to my primal fears in a visceral way, as it did for so many viewers around the world. The core of the film is Diana and what she represents.”

Law and Eric

And Maria Bello’s role as the family matriarch and former psychiatric patient Sophie, was executed flawlessly. Such roles are hard to maintain and Bello did an amazing job at maintaining such a flawed character.


The event was amazing to say the least, however a sneak peek into the event is worth a thousand words!

“I think the film has the potential to scare people because fear of the dark is really fear of the unknown, and in the sense it’s something we all share. You don’t know what’s hiding in there or whether it might come after you. So many of us have had that moment of turning off the light at home and thinking, “is that someone standing there in the corner?” – David Sandberg

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“Figure out what your own superpower is and focus your career path around playing to that great strength” ~ Producer Lawrence Grey

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The ‘Lights Out’ team were certainly superhero at SDCC.

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