The insight on a new evil all horror fans need to check out! The film ALTAR from the man who knows it best!

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Terror Time / Amy Humphries: Matt, this film has made a huge impact recently in Washington DC. In your words, from conception to process, share with the horror community how this all came about.

Matt Sconce: well, ALTAR is a story of a brother and sisters relationship, surrounded by the story of 7 former college students having a terrifying adventure. When they become lost in the woods after getting separated from their group, they stumble across something terrifying that launches them into a nightmarish quest for survival against dark forces. The actors were method improv masters for ALTAR and added many powerful moments to the film because of that. They stayed in character all the time. They still call each other by their character names most of the time by accident because they were so invested in their characters. A fun BTS fact is, in order to build their characters backstories of shared college memories, I had them all drive the 4 1/2 hours up to me in one car. They built memories, backstory and a relationship during that drive that really filled out their characters in ALTAR and made them extremely believable. This led to their first win of Best Ensemble Cast at the NOVA film festival. Nature almost killed us during filming. We had to hike into the location at 7000 feet and had no cell service. We got caught in a freak thunderstorm the first night we were filming. The following night we witnessed a Mountain Lion stalking us, and had other animal experiences. A pack of coyotes ran through our camp. A bear was pacing us through the meadow. A bobcat tried to cut its way into our tent to eat our small pekingese dog in the movie, and last but not least… a cow ate my straw hat. Fun times!


TT: So many people are so unaware of the process it takes to even make a film. The process is story in and of itself!!! And I’ll see about getting you a new straw hat (laughs) And congratulations on your awards!! How has that been for you?

MS: We have been so fortunate in all the great reviews on the movie we’ve received thus far. Found footage critic gave us a 9.3 out of 10 (one of the top two rating they have ever given in over 500 films they have watched). Found Footage Files (A ranked top 10 horror podcast) Called Altar & “The film to beat this year and the possible best film of the year”. We just won Best Ensemble Cast and Best Art and Design as well as Runner up for Best Horror Film, and Best Supporting Actress in a Feature with Brittany Falardeau. We are currently trying to figure out the best distribution home for Altar. We would love to get it out there as widely as possible. I have 8 more films lined up, three of which are close to being ready for pre- production.

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Terror Time / Amy Humphries: Matt, this has been a pleasure. Being a DC local with the goal of waking our sleepy horror coast up, thank you! Keep me posted and best of luck on this great film and the the ones to come!

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