I am sure you all might have imagined the sturdy loins Jason Vorhees must have developed while mowing after his victims, or wondered how Freddy looked under that magnificent Christmas colored sweater. Or, perhaps just how beefy does Leatherface look without that blood stained apron?

As I glanced at each delectable and steamy photo, I couldn’t help but imagine what type of deviant lurked under those masks. Well, ladies and gents, feast your eyes on this.

Photographer Ama Lea had the right mindset when she decided to showcase our nightmares and turn them into a bloody fantasy via a horror calendar.  Ama is no stranger to the horror game and is a self bonfide horror photographer. She has captured images from a plethora of popular horror icons and most certainly her talent radiates in her work.

According to the official press release, the calendar features some horror notables such as Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp), Marv Blauvelt (Death House), and Jared Degado (300, Death House) just to name a few.

In case you are wondering if you could actually meet these hunky monsters in person, it just so happens that on November 4th, “Year of Fear” will not only be debuting the calendar but Leatherface’s buttocks and the other models will be making an appearance as well. The location of this event will be at the Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum in Burbank, CA.

Sleep well. This is one Freddy you might want to invade your dreams.

You can preorder the calendars for $20.00 here.