Mark Pavia Gives Update On His Adaption Of Stephen King’s ‘The Reaper’s Image’

Another Stephen King project is moving forward! Per an interview with Mark Pavia revealed he’s adapting Stephen King’s book ‘The Reaper’s Image’! Pavia revealed he written a script, the project will be an anthology and the project is currently being handled by King’s agent Rand Holston.

When asked the production status of his newest adaption of ‘The Reaper’s Image’ on Bloody-Disgusting he stated “There hasn’t been a Stephen King horror anthology film like this in almost 30 years, so it’s all very exciting. So, where it’s at right now… as I mentioned, there is a script, and the project is currently being handled by Stephen’s agent, Rand Holston, a really terrific and supportive guy and one of the best agents in town. A lot of people have been asking about it lately, tremendous interest building, so we’ll see. It would be an amazing project, no question about it.”


Antique collector, Johnson Spangler, visited the Samuel Claggert museum. After scavenging through junk being escorted through by the museum’s curator, Mr. Carlin. He locks his attention on a mysterious mirror. Temptation to own the legendary “Delver’s mirror”, beckons him to pry the history of it. As Mr. Carlin reveals its troubled past, which includes the disappearance of anyone who ever looked into in. The mirror’s origins soon become dark, as the curator then reveals, legend is The Reaper appears in the mirror before every disappearance. Life becomes never the same for Spangler after he looked in the mirror as he begins to see things and goes missing himself.

This marks Pavia’s second adaption of a Stephen King original. His last being the 1997 vampire flick The Night Flier which was adapted from King’s short of the same name. Pavia also is behind another project, but this one, is for one, a slasher, and for two, it has an actual release date. Pavia’s project ‘Fender Bender’ will be aired June 3rd of this year on CHILLER.

stephen king the reapers image


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