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Michael Myers Returns To Halloween For Blumhouse

He can always come home again and this time he really is!

The Halloween reboot being produced by Blumhouse is off to a interesting start that has the die hard fans thinking this might not turn out to be a clusterfu*k. Danny McBride and David Gordon Green were hired to write and direct film as a team. Earlier this year it was announced that Jamie Lee Curtis would return to the franchise as Laurie Strode. Yesterday Bloody Disgusting broke this amazing bit of horror news.

Nick Castle who played the original slow walking shape in John Carpenter’s classic will return to the role in the new film. It will mark his only return to the franchise. Nick is 70 yrs old now and a couple people asked “Can he still walk the walk?” His friend and convention agent shared a video on instagram that Nick sent to producers as a Joke to prove he can still do the walk. He’s ready to make his return to Halloween.


These kind of moves are pretty smart as horror fans have been let down by remakes so many times that people are usually already against you before you start the film. McBride and Green seem to be off to a good start by bringing key elements from the original into the future.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross cover John Carpenter’s Halloween theme


source: Bloody Disgusting