Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge Takes On The Horrors In ‘House Red’

The Species actress stars in the new horror film ‘House Red’ along with Tamar Hassan (The Football Factory) for writer/director Coz Greenop. They play Natalie and Felix, a couple who are traveling through Tuscany and come across an idyllic vineyard, where they volunteer to help pick grapes, in a last-ditch attempt to repair their crumbling romance. However, when one of the workers at the chateau mysteriously disappears, Natalie, Felix and their new acquaintances begin to sense danger behind every corner.

Deadline reports exclusively that House Red is Greenop’s third feature film; his first film Demon Baby, which was released in 2014, won best movie at the 2015 British Horror Film Festival, while Dark Beacon, which is set to be released via Gravitas Ventures in March 2018, won a number of awards at the American Horror Film Festival in Arizona.

The producers are targeting House Red’s release for Halloween 2018.

House Red