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the Girl in the photographs movie

The Girl in the Photographs

Colleen is a natural beauty who is bored with her small town, dead end job and apathetic boyfriend. She’s decided she wants a new life when two deranged serial killers begin leaving her photos of their mutilated victims. Colleen’s chance to escape comes when hipster celebrity photographer Peter Hemmings returns to his hometown with a pack of models, intent on copying the killers’ intense and unapologetic artistry. When he learns Colleen is their muse, Peter resolves to make her his own and use her as the centerpiece of a photo campaign in Los Angeles. But before Colleen can leave her old life behind, she must contend with the desires of her murderous stalkers who have chosen her last night in town to execute their most provocative work to date.

Directed by Nick Simon

Cast: Claudia Lee, Kal Penn, Mitch Pileggi, Katharine Isabelle, Miranda Rae Mayo

Unhallowed ground Movie

Unhallowed Ground

A group of students from single-sex private schools, spend a night patrolling the eerie grounds of the historic Dhoultham School as part of an initiative with the British Army to provide rich kids with basic military training. As each hour passes the teenagers witness a series of increasingly disturbing, ghostly occurrences. Personal conflicts are magnified and details of the school’s horrific secrets bubble to the surface. The ante is upped by two thieves who have chosen the night to conduct a heist on the school Archive: a vault of priceless historical documents. As the supernatural encounters begin to take a malevolent turn, the students realise they must escape Dhoultham before the night's end…The only problem is they have all been separated; trapped in a labyrinth of ghosts, pistol-packing madmen and a deeper, darker evil.

Directed by Russell England

Cast: Ameet Chana, Poppy Drayton, Marcus Griffiths, Thomas Law,Andrew Lewis

Last week’s releases included The Funhouse Massacre, Alien Dtrain, Dead Z and Decay.

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