Nightmare: Return To Elm Street fan film

Nightmare: Return To Elm Street Is The Fan Film Studios Need To Watch

With fingers carved from steel…..

Fan films often give great insight into what fans want to see from their favorite genre’s. Many are good and most are not but sometimes you see a fan film that really captures the fans imagination and makes you think ‘what could this be’ if it were a full length film? When I saw the first trailer for this fan film it made those wheels inside my head turn and begin to think about the possibilities.

Nightmare: Return To Elm Street is a series of 3 trailers hoping to capture the imagination of fans and film studios alike with the hopes that they find the support to make this idea a reality.  After watching I fully support that dream. The film comes from Domonic Smith and friends. If you dig what you see then please share these trailers and support these indie horror film makers.

Synopsis: When Drew’s daughter begins suffering from nightmares, he must face his horrific memories with his former classmate and fellow survivor of the Elm Street Haunting in order for them to save his daughter and put an end to their childhood tormentor once and for all.


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I thought these were ambitious and so worth the watch. Hope you guys dug it as well.

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