Nightmares Film Festival Promises World-Class Horror Program

Nightmares Film FestivalOrganized by decorated veterans, new fest will assemble world’s best genre films (Columbus, OH) Nightmares Film Festival, a new genre fest headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, will deliver the scares while uniting and elevating horror around the world – by holding genre filmmaking to a higher standard.

That’s the lofty premise that inspired industry notables Jason Tostevin and Chris Hamel to found one of the most anticipated horror film festivals in years. “We’re lifelong horror fans who’ve been part of hundreds of festivals,” said co-founder Tostevin. “We’re using that experience and those connections to bring the very best horror and genre films from across the globe to one easy-to- reach, welcoming festival that really celebrates horror and genre.”

Hamel, a renowned film programmer, and Tostevin, who leads one of the top festival filmmaking teams in the country, have watched horror and genre filmmaking grow in reputation, but longed for a single festival that would collect the best films, bring the filmmakers together in person, and let horror fans experience it all in one place. “We have always believed the heart of the horror community is inclusion,” said Hamel, president and programmer of Gateway Film Center. “That’s what we want to honor with Nightmares Film Festival. We want to create an environment that celebrates genre, and treats it with the respect it deserves.”

The fest, which will hold its inaugural event October 20 to 23, will lift up top horror, thriller and midnight films and their filmmakers to a welcoming audience. Screenings will be held at the world-renowned Gateway Film Center, named one of the 20 best art houses on the continent by Sundance earlier this year. A dedicated tech team will ensure presentation is flawless while the fest team encourages interaction between fans and filmmakers.

Teams with films in competition will vie for the coveted Night Mare statuette, hand-crafted by international collectible artist Tony Simione (Star Wars, Walking Dead, Aliens, Marvel Superheroes, Nightmare Before Christmas). The Nightmare will be awarded in several categories, including best horror, thriller and midnight feature and short. “Horror is about pushing boundaries and surprising fans, and the Nightmares program will reflect that,” said Tostevin. “From the program to the on-site experience, we will inspire horror filmmakers and fans to higher levels of achievement.”

Nightmares Film Festival is now accepting submissions for its inaugural program at

Contact: Jason Tostevin, founder, Nightmares Film Festival

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