“In the sleepy suburbs of Miami, seemingly normal Egyptian immigrant Fuad Ramses (Mal Arnold) runs a successful catering business. He also murders young women and plans to use their body parts to revive the goddess Ishtar. The insane Ramses hypnotizes a socialite in order to land a job catering a party for her debutante daughter, Suzette Fremont (Connie Mason), and turns the event into an evening of gruesome deaths, bloody dismemberment and ritual sacrifice.” A truer description was never written and the history of horror would never be the same…

Magic was formed in 1963 thanks to Herschell Gordon Lewis and his film Blood Feast. Filmed in just 4 days and with a miniscule budget of $24,000, Lewis was of the opinion that Hitchcock’s Psycho (released three years earlier) had cheated audiences by showing the result of the murders but not the actual acts (something that Hitchcock did to prevent theater owners from boycotting his film). His resulting film would be the first gore film ever made and it certainly would set a trend that would be followed to this very day.

Blood feast still

What was even more daring than the onscreen violence and gore was the amazing marketing campaign that was put together to generate interest in the film. Producer David F. Friedman had the idea to offer vomit bags in theaters and got an injunction against the film in Sarasota, Fl, which only helped to draw more people in despite how badly the film was panned by critics.

Friedman scoffed at the critics and was quoted as saying after a particularly scathing review in Variety “Herschell and I have often wondered who told the Variety scribe we were taking ourselves seriously.” The film was followed up by two more films that are often called “The Blood Trilogy” that includes Two Thousand Maniacs and Color Me Blood Red. In 2002, a sequel entitled Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat was released and was the first time in 36 years that the two had worked together on a film. Lewis continues to make films to this day and is still an incredible influence on the industry….

Blood feast Terror Time

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