The duo of Scott Schirmer and Brian Williams bring you another thought provoking masterpiece that takes you to the edge and leaves you questioning the animal in man. ‘Plank Face’

Plank Face- Mask

Plank Face, the latest offering from Bandit Motion Pictures (Scott Schirmer and Brian Williams) opens with a couple parking on a remote dirt road to partake in carnal desire. Of course we all know how this scene will end for the two horny lovers once they exit the automobile. We are then shown the opening title sequence for Plank Face and this is where the genre tropes that we are used to stops. Scott and Brian have crafted one of the best psychological endurance tests in the genre with this film. Our lead character, Max (Nathan Barrett) begins the film as a happy go lucky guy out for a fun excursion into the wilderness with his girlfriend, Stacey (Ellie Church), everything is going great until a visit from an unannounced guest and Max’s subsequent abduction. When Max awakens he finds himself in a remote cabin that is occupied by a feral clan that is in need of a new alpha male.

Plank Face- Meal

This is where the film becomes a master class of emotion and pain. The breaking and rebuilding of Max’s psyche in their image is unnerving and painful to experience. This is Nathan Barrett’s kick in the door performance. He expresses every emotion to the point that it grabs you thru the screen. There is a violation that his character suffers that honestly had my mind and gut in a flutter. The film is very light on dialog and all of the actors are superb in invoking emotion from slight body movements and glares to violent physical outbursts and blank soulless stares. Susan M. Martin (Granny), Brigid Macaulay (The Bride), and Alyss Winkler (Bunny Girl) portray the trio of feral women and their performances are fearless and stand as prime examples of how committed actors can exude feelings that will have you talking for hours after the film is over. The script written by Scott and Brian didn’t hold anything back and to see actors fully immerse themselves in these roles is astounding.

Plank Face- Nathan Barrett

With the film being set deep in the woods, the stellar cinematography and camera angles really sets the mood and allows the viewer to feel as if they are in the cabin with Max as he is transformed against his will. As I previously mentioned the film is very sparse in dialogue and the score of the film that was composed by Brian predominately becomes a narrator to the proceedings as the film builds to the heart breaking yet logical climax that had me hurting yet also nodding in approval.

A career in independent cinema is one of struggle that is powered by passion and love. Scott, Brian and the crew have crafted a true piece of art with Plank Face. I highly recommend opening your mind to the film and embracing the questions it poses. I know that when my best of the year list rolls around Plank Face will be near the top of it.

Plank Face-Bride

Plank Face is screening Friday September 9th at Horror Hound Weekend and has it’s Canadian Premiere at the Fright Night Film Festival in Ontario September 30th– October 1st.  DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s of the film will be available in October.

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