If ghosts are real then the month of October is the month to show themselves! While some are still skeptic’s this video could change your mind. Maybe it’ll just make start drinking more. You decide!

Well, it’s not like the skeptics are completely wrong here for saying that—just about anything can be faked these days if you really want to—but isn’t it all far more tantalizing if we allow ourselves to believe that it’s real? After all, everyone out there can’t be liars and attention seekers, at least some of these videos documenting paranormal phenomenon have got to be real, if we’re just speaking statistically. Well, that’s what I tell myself anyway, because to quote The X-Files, “I want to believe.”

Skeptic or believer, the latest viral ghost video making the rounds on the internet is quite a doozy and more difficult than others to dismiss; a woman in Ireland named Ashy Murphy uploaded these clips to her Facebook page showing some classic poltergeist activity in her house, with cupboards opening up by themselves, lamps swinging and lights blinking, pot and pans clanging by themselves, and freakiest of all, a bucket that moved across the room all by its lonesome.

via Nerdist.com