Revenge comes at a price. If you had the chance to avenge a loved one’s death, what better way to resurrect a demon from the depth’s of hell to go on a punishing tirade on the murderers?

Theatrical Poster (1988)

PUMPKINHEAD will always be one of those films that is a must watch during Halloween. There is something so sinister about this flick, that it just invokes the enticement of the fall season.

Peter Block To Spearhead Reboot 

It was revealed earlier this week by EW that SAW franchise executive producer Peter Block will be resurrecting this memorable classic for a 2017 theatrical release. A producer hasn’t been tagged on yet, however, Block has stated that he has a pretty solid screenplay that he wrote in collaboration with upcoming screenwriter Nate Atkins.

Block gets it right when he states in his EW interview that he wants to use the least amount of CGI possible. This is an important factor given that film is mostly identified by the intricate works of film special make-up effects creator Stan Winston, who designed Pumpkinhead. The late Winston, a genius in his own right, is recognized worldwide for his work on movies such as, TERMINATOR, JURASSIC PARK, ALIENS, PREDATOR, and EDWARD SCISSORHANDS.


The reboot will boast the same name and will follow closely to the original storyline of the 1988 flick with a modern twist.

In a world of horror remakes that have been poorly made in the past, it will be interesting to see how PUMPKINHEAD will do to a new horror audience.

Stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for the original 1988 flick.

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