Badlands of Kain


Badlands of Kain

Fresh off ‘The Funhouse Massacre’ Andy Palmer’s latest completed film ‘Badlands of Kain’ winning a Spotlight Horror Film Award for the top horror/thrillers of 2015 manages to resurrect Hitchcock’s style. Palmer and DiMaria [writer of ‘Badlands of Kain’]’s newest film is a definitive-must-see for any horror fan that wants to push aside the gore and needs a good thriller.

‘Badlands of Kain’ stars Rachelle DiMaria (‘Alien Dawn’, ‘Find Me’, ‘Alien Strain’), Katrina Norman (‘No Strings Attached’, ‘17 Again’, ‘Disaster Movie’), Paul Soter (of the famed “Broken Lizard” Comedy Troupe whose films include “Super Troopers” and the upcoming “Super Troopers 2”, “Club Dread”, “Beerfest” and “The Dukes of Hazzard”), Jordan Belfi (‘Surrogates’, ‘Mexican Sunrise’, ‘Beyond The Lights’), James Marshall (‘A Few a Good Men’, ‘Gladiator’, ‘Twin Peaks’) and acts as the debut film for Kaylee Wing.

Film summary:

Shannon (Rachelle DiMaria) and Kris (Katrina Norman) used to be best friends, but life got in the way. In order to rekindle their friendship, the girls decide to take an epic cross country road trip together for the summer. Car packed, the girls set off from Los Angeles with high hopes. Just outside Flagstaff, AZ, their car mysteriously breaks down. A kindly tow truck driver named Terry (Paul Soter) picks the girls up and brings them to Kain to stay for the night while their car is being repaired. As the girls settle in they begin to realize that everything is not right in the small town — or with it’s inhabitants. Kris and Shannon soon find they aren’t just fighting to save their relationship — they are fighting to escape from Kain … And the fate that awaits them there..

Kain is a film any Hitchcock fan would die to see, here’s why I think that: Opening with a murder, ahusband murders his wife over a fight in a gruesome shock worthy scene. As the screen then fades out, we get introduced to main characters Shannon and Kris as they set off for an anticipated to be fun road trip. Their plans for having a “good time” soon were foiled when their car breaks down and a tow truck hauls them away to a very ‘Pleasantville’ type town, Kain. Badlands then took a turn for a cult-like almost ‘Wrong Turn’ type setting, with the girls now trapped in a town that looked as though it was built and remodeled once,…the 80’s! You’ll be satisfied at the end I assure you, as the ‘Wrong Turn’ type cult gets-away-with and the entire idea gets turned on its head. Andy Palmer and Rachel Dimaria manages to reimagine a classic movie twist, in a way I haven’t seen done in long time.

Andy Palmer on the film in a interview with a year ago

“I loved the characters when I read the script and am a huge fan of Rachelle’s talents as an actor and a writer. It’s a love letter to “The Twilight Zone” and “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”


The film was released Apr. 5th on VOD  and will be released through Amazon and other outlets this Spring, Look for it.

Andy Palmer signs on to new film

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