Fright Dome Las Vegas

Sin City gets a little bit darker around this time of year, as it welcomes everyone to the Fright Dome. 

Last weekend I had the chance to venture out to Las Vegas, Nevada, where they host one of Halloween’s premiere events, Fright Dome.

Before the main attraction, we got to be a part of the opening ceremony on the black carpet, in front of the Adventure DOME — where the Fright Dome takes residence during the Halloween Season — where hosts James Vaughn and Megan Telles entertained and introduced us to the guests.

Fright Dome Las Vegas
Actress Sarah Nicklin

Celebrity appearances included, actress Sarah Nicklin who has acted in such horror films as, ‘Chupacabra Territory’, and more recently ‘The Basement’ — which just premiered at the popular horror film festival, Shriekfest. President of the UFC, Dana White was there accompanying Fright Dome Creator Jason Egan — who arrived with a trail of Killer Clowns in tow.

With over 250,000 square feet to fill, creator Jason Egan promises to fill every square inch with all your collective nightmares. When asked what separates this year from the previous, Egan was especially proud of the FOG. He stated, “We have over 50 fog machines 

in there simultaneously pumping out all that fog, which really allows us to control the light and the atmosphere.” The lights were especially effective in the scare zone NEW WORLD DISORDER — comparable to the miscreants of ‘The Purge’. A cluster of green lasers rest at about waist level, which was not only disorienting, but incredibly effective as a form of misdirection. As you focused on the light show, it created the perfect pocket for scare actors to take advantage of. Fun times through that scare zone, especially since it was on the way to the bar; and let me tell you it only got scarier as the night progressed. The Scare zones have a little bit of everything there to scare ya: Marionettes, Zombies, and Clowns —  like a messed up horror potpourri. It was the perfect segue when navigating from maze to maze.

The haunt featured 6 mazes: Killer Clowns 4D, Happy Hell-idays, Hex, Chainsaw Massacre, the all new Zombie City, and Lights Out.

The standout of the entire event was for sure Lights Out. In order to not spoil it I’ll go through the general nature of the maze, without giving you details, since going into it a bit clueless is the way to go. The deal with this maze is that you go through it completely alone. You are greeted by a demented nurse in the initial room, who then hands you a flashlight — which is programmed to dim and change color throughout the experience. This flashlight would be your only source of light in some instances, leaving the sound design and scare actors as your only source of guidance. The ambience and production design were fantastic. The lighting made the scenery pop and every square inch of the set just added to the tension and buildup through its climactic ending. Overall, the decision to have the occupant navigate the maze alone, and only with a dim flashlight, was a game changer. Have the creepy already obtained, plus adding some amazing scare actors an intriguing premise, you have yourself one heck of a maze! Definitely the highlight of the show!

On top of the Mazes and Scare Zones, the rides and extensive arcade games are available. So if you need some refuge from the Scares you can hop on the coasters El Loco — which has steep drops, corkscrews, and 1.5 vertical g drop — and the Canyon Blaster — which has a double loop, double corkscrew combo punch, and trust me it felt like that after I went on it.

The event has all the ingredients needed for a frightening, and extremely fun, evening. Below is a video of some of the mayhem witnessed on opening night, which was September 29th. 


Fright Dome 2017 – Tom Holland’s Terror Time from Safety Meeting Productions on Vimeo.

Fright Dome opened up on 9/29 and will be running all the way through October 31st. Tickets for general admission are $37.95, with fastpass options starting at $20. For more information on the event you can visit them HERE, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to keep up with all updates!