Return To Elm St.

One..two..Robert Wants To Do A Cameo

Robert Englund during an interview with revealed for one: he wants to return to the franchise with a cameo and two: the reasons why he thought the reboot to A Nightmare On Elm Street sucked

Robert Englund played 80’s icon Freddy Krueger in the original timeline A Nightmare On Elm Street films plus a two year TV series dubbed Freddy’s Nightmares. His character Freddy has a backstory that he was a child killer that literally got away with murder. In the films and TV series, the parents of Elm St. took justice in their own hands and tortured Krueger alive for his crimes. Unknowingly unleashing a greater evil. Freddy returned into the dreams of the parent’s of Elm St.’s children to torment and kill them as revenge. Englund’s character took the boundaries between horror and comedy and teetered-tottered on them to the point where they were just downright dark comedies. But that didn’t stop him from battling ol’ silent but deadly [no pun intended] Jason Voorhees in Ronny Yu’s Freddy V. Jason. The highly anticipated battle was an epic one at the least but was in developmental hell for awhile. The crossover was in developmental hell since 1987 when the franchise’s studios were basking in the millions they received from Jason Lives’ and Dream Warriors’ box office totals. The original story according to BMD states one of the studios (it’s unclear which) approached the other to borrow their killer and make the crossover and proved a crossover of fans was going to rank in the most money either franchises’ ever ranked in. The studios, Paramount Pics (Owner of Friday The 13th) and New Line Cinema (The House That Freddy Built) couldn’t make an agreement so the film went to hell. Freddy films proved to make more money than Jason films ever made ever since the crossover was in talks. After Jason Goes To Manhattan’ failed miserably, Paramount finally was convinced Jason went stale and gave up the rights which were later bought by New Line Cinema. Before Sean Cunningham could finally get his hands on the crossover, now that both franchises he wanted to crossover were under the same roof, the F13 maestro was halted again. The late Wes Craven was pushing forward his own film, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, which delayed Cunningham and gave Cunningham the chance to open the door for the crossover between the two slashers with Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. Long story short, after a bunch of failed scripts and delays a agreement was finally made and the crossover was released with a different Jason and the return of the icon himself Robert Englund.

Englund put his fedora back on the rack for good after the crossover and mentioned many times he’s not returning to the franchise stating he’s gotten to old for Freddy’s stunts and actors don’t return to reboots. Only sequels and prequels…please do a prequel Mr. Englund! After the sequels stopped being banged out for the Nightmare franchise, Samuel Bayer took the dream demon for a ride for a 2010 reboot. The reboot Englund says was basically shoved down fans throats as soon as the original Nightmare remastered Blu-Ray box sets hit shelves. He also states if he were ever to return to the fandom he’d return as a janitor or how he puts it “the group therapy guy that doesn’t believe they’re having nightmares” or like I said before in a prequel.

“Well, there’s been some talk that they might reboot Nightmare 3, which may be the most popular of all the films.” Englund continues revealing his wanting to do a cameo “I’ve heard that they may combine it with part 4, I’m not sure. I would certainly like to be invited to do a cameo, to maybe play the cantankerous old professor or the group therapy guy that doesn’t believe they’re having nightmares. I think it would be fun for the audience.”

“The problem with the remake was that it came out too soon. We had just released the digitally remastered Blu-ray boxset of all eight of the films and then they brought out the remake almost straight after.” Englund continued it wasn’t the cast of the remake, it was the film “I think they just brought it out too soon but it had an amazing cast, Rooney Mara played Nancy and I’m a big fan of Clancy Brown. But they reshot the opening and it threw the movie off kilter. You don’t ever see any of the people happy go-lucky, they’re never untainted. You need to see before and after so you can invest emotionally with the children. They’re practically zombies from the get-go because they’re haunted by Freddy and I think that was a miscalculation.”

Freddy V. Remake Freddy! Englund notes what production screwed up on with the remake Freddy “I think he’s [Jackie Earl Haley] a wonderful actor, he’s the best thing in Watchmen and I’m not a fan of the new RoboCop but he’s good in that,” Englund continued “I think in trying to make him different, they may have decided to make him too real. Freddy does not exist in reality, he only exists in imaginations.”

Mr. Englund if you’re reading this please come back for a cameo if you’re not down for the burn makeup anymore.