Shriekfest 2016

The Shriekfest Film Festival is 4 full days full to the brim with horror, terror, humor and fun. To be quiescently correct, those were the exact feelings I felt while viewing the films in the cushy, comfortable theatre in Raleigh Studios in North Los Angeles. With the founder, Denise Gosset, voted number 5 out of the 13 most influential women in Horror History, it is no wonder why this festival has remained an industry giant.

Shriekfest, while the panel is pretty selective when it comes to what films are aired during this event, has provided an outlet for horror film creators that remains unsurpassed. It’s an event to meet these filmmakers and see the woman (and man) behind the lens. There were a lot of excellent films that aired and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for the individuals who poured their hearts out into their work. It is no easy feat transitioning from brain to paper to film to screen, and kudos to those that found that their work had made it into the festival.

Now, on to the good stuff. The films!

It would be unfair to categorize these films as “one is better than the other” and although some films deflated, most, were excellent and kept the crowd entertained. Here is a rundown on the four days the event ran for.

Day 1:

Opening Night! Guests enjoyed the red carpet treatment at Bar Sinister/Boardners where a sneak peak of PARASITES, OCCUPANTS, AND TELEIOS aired. There were food and drinks galore with DJ Pervula rocked rocking the sound scene.

Day 2: PARASITES, OCCUPANTS and TELEIOS was released to the crowd. All three films were feature length time wise.

Day 3: The first round up of shorts! In the first block we enjoyed ten shorts, with EAT, BORDERLINE and THE VODOO DICK sticking out the most. Each of the films were highly crafted in a beautiful imagery, but these films to me especially stood out. EAT brings in the classic element of finishing all of your food or you will get punished by mother.


In the second block, John Fitzpatrick’s YUMMY MEAT and USED BODY PARTS were visually impressive. Taking to account the low lighting, these two stuck out to me the most. I HAD A BLOODY GOOD TIME AT HOUSE HARKER was impressive with the intermingle of horror comedy elements.

Day 4: A lot of memorable films to note here. I particularly enjoyed THE MAIDEN by Michael Chaves and as a real treat, you can view the film free here. The horrors or a new home are tested in this film and it was very Mary Shaw like (DEAD SILENCE). Creepy old women scare the shit out of me.

Honorable mention, I met Sarah Fitzpatrick and John Fitzpatrick (YUMMY MEAT) at the festival on one of the viewing days and told them that I would miss the segment where their film THE BRENTWOOD STRANGLER would air. They kindly sent over the screener for my screening pleasure, and I must say that it was a visual delight indeed. The film mixes the elements of Christmas horror in the veins of a serial killer loose in the prestigious town of Brentwood. A familiar face in the horror world, Jordan Ladd (Cabin Fever) stars as the protagonist.


The Fitzpatrick’s are behind the Scary Endings installments on Youtube. The horror short film anthology series focuses on a different element in each episode. You can watch all ten episodes right here!

You can find all the details of the films at Shriekfest in their entirety here.

Congrats to all the winners! All these films were stellar respectively! But, these films stood out from the rest of the crowd. VIEW THE WINNERS HERE!

Check out the trailer for Shriekfest as Denise and her team celebrate sweet, sixteen years in the making!