Horror filmmakers and dog lovers Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) and Joe Lynch (Chillerama, Everly) need your help and they are pulling an all nighter and more for a great cause. Dogs!! Doesn’t matter what kind of animal you have, you know how much we love them and they need our help.


Earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly announced Adam Green’s plan to do a marathon. A 3-day (Aug. 5- 7) LIVE broadcast of The Movie Crypt podcast to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE, INC.

Why? “Because with 1 perfectly healthy dog or cat being euthanized every 13 seconds just in the United States alone- Joe, Arwen, and I have vowed to stay awake and on the air for the entire weekend under the mission statement that “We’re staying awake so that they don’t get put to sleep.” Why do this for SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE with all of the incredible animal rescues out there? Well, aside from the fact that Arwen is a Yorkshire Terrier, “The Movie Crypt 3rd co-host”, and the podcast’s mascot predominantly featured on our log and on the T-shirts our fans wear, I have personally been a huge supporter of SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE ever since I first worked with them in 2015. A 100% non-profit, volunteer organization, Marilyn Faughner and her team do wonderful work giving medical care to Yorkies that have been abused or simply dropped off at shelters (or on highways!!!) by their terrible excuses for owners. The rescue mission then fosters each dog until they can be fully nursed back to health and carefully placed in loving, PERMANENT homes. This isn’t a “shelter” with cages, etc. It’s real people bringing these animals into their own homes until they can find them a new family. These dogs have already lost everything once due to being adopted or purchased by the wrong “person” and SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE makes sure that that never happens to them again.

Much like the old Jerry Lewis telethons, we’ll be providing a terrific lineup of celebrity guests, musical performances, live script readings, feature film commentaries, and more (including a visit by an amazing clairvoyant and my own personal vet of 13 years who also happens to be an amazing gospel singer!) around the clock from Friday evening 8/5 through Sunday evening 8/7…all the while encouraging our worldwide audience to donate directly to SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE. “ – Adam Green

The podcast will be available to hear via GeekNation at The Movie Crypt Podcast


This is a cause worth your attention, contribution and assistance in spreading the word! We have an innovator from our community seeking your support, let’s rally, support Adam and save a yorkie.

Make your contributions at www.saveayorkierescue.org

Follow Adam: @Adam_Fn_Green

Follow Joe: @TheJoeLynch

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