Straight Outta Compton: Containers of Body Parts

The city of Compton is South-Central Los Angeles has a violent and torrid history; the community has been a hotbed of drug and gang activity for decades as was the epicenter of the infamous riots sparked in the wake of the Rodney King verdict in 1991. But a recent discovery at a local shop brings a whole new level of creepiness to this embattled community.

Cops were called to Omi Relekun, which bills itself in Spanish as a “spiritual store and school”, over complaints of animal cruelty, but what they found is potentially much more alarming: A human skull, along with a cache of other human remains stored in 8 separate containers. It is unclear whether the proprietors of Omi Relekun were selling these macabre items or merely housing them.

Also uncertain: Whether these remains were legally procured, or perhaps morbid trophies of some sinister homicide?
With shades of voodoo and Sanitaria, the scenario reminds me of a scene out of 1987 psychological thriller THE BELIVERS. In that movie, a psychiatrist (played by Martin Sheen) stumbles into some chilling situations while perusing a cult accused of performing human sacrifices. Will the remains discovered at Omi Relekun reveal similar tales of ritualized mutilations?
We’ll keep you posted as details emerge!


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