Classical composer Claude Debussy once said, “Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.”

While – yes – Debussy was referring to music created and written during the impressionist period, the thought can still be applied to many of the modern masters we have living among us today.

Rule breakers innovate. They change, they terrify; they expand upon old ideas and spawn bizarre new ones. They are architects of their craft and their mark remains indelible.


In the world of horror, we’d be remiss to not mention John Carpenter when discussing innovators and rule-breakers.

Aside from revolutionizing the slasher genre in a way not seen since 1960’s Psycho or 1974’s Black Christmas, Carpenter also re-assessed how horror films sounded. Not having access (or completely forgoing the option, depending who you ask) to a full orchestra, Carpenter composed and performed the entire synth track for the film without knowing how to write or read a single note of music. He was a rebel; and it worked.

His thick, chunky chords and eerie, almost playful piano has become iconic. To fans, hearing the legendary theme almost instantly brings back the all-too- familiar creeps brought on by the first viewing of the 1978 classic. Lucky for us, John Carpenter hasn’t yet turned his back on his beloved franchise.

The rubbery, pale, pseudo-William- Shatner-ey face of Michael Myers first appeared in cinemas 38 years ago and he’s rumored to make his comeback to the big screen fairly soon.

This time, perhaps, with Carpenter on board.

During an interview after performing with his band at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival, John Carpenter told ScreenDaily “Maybe I’ll do the music.” While “Maybe” is quite a stretch from “I’ll do it”, it’s enough to make us shiver with antici… …pation (sorry) and excitement.

After helming the original Halloween film; writing, directing, composing, and executive producing, it’s beyond thrilling to hear that Mr. Carpenter is considering coming back to add that special something with Michael’s iconic theme.

John goes off on the Rob Zombie remake

Aside from Halloween, Carpenter became well known and highly regarded for his string of “midnight movies”; cult smash hits like The Fog, The Thing, Christine, and even delving into the realm of comedy with Big Trouble in Little China. After the release of 2010’s The Ward, Carpenter decided it was time to take a brief hiatus, focusing on his music. As of late, he’s been specifically touring the world, playing his film scores to sold-out crowds.

The 68-year- old icon has admitted on more than one occasion that his current passion lies with his band and his music, as the decades of filmmaking left him feeling “burnt out.” Regardless, a new addition to the Halloween franchise is on its’ way from Miramax films and Blumhouse Productions. While the release date is still unannounced, it’s likely fans are ready for a new installment, especially after 2009’s Rob Zombie-helmed release. Carpenter has completely rejected the idea of directing the new installment (it’s rumored that Mike Flanagan, director of 2016’s Hush is in talks to get behind the lens), however having him on board at all is more than enough to have us eagerly awaiting further developments.

So, babysitters beware – Michael is back, and (hopefully) he’ll be bringing that oh-so- creepy music along with him.