The-House-at-the-End-of-Time-poster-Alejandro-Hidalgo-2Of all the places in the world making amazing horror films, one place not often heard from is Venezuela. That is, unless you’re familiar with THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME.

THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME is the highest grossing horror film in the history of Venezuela. The story follows a mother who returns to the site of a crime that took place 30 years earlier that left her family shattered. While there, she must come to terms with the horrifying supernatural aspects that led to that tragedy.

Based on the original version, a remake would fit more than snugly into New Line’s existing catalogue, seeing as recent hits like THE CONJURING 2 and LIGHTS OUT have both been helmed by the film giant. The company also has a remarkably long track record of working within the horror genre, dating way back to its first taste of success after producing the 1984 landmark classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

Alejandro Hidalgo, who wrote, directed, produced, and edited the original, is set to spearhead the remake; a strategy which tends to fare well when it comes to English-language remakes of foreign films. The original movie marked Hidalgo’s feature film directing debut.

I will be the hide and seek champion
I will be the hide and seek champion!

Henry Gayden (EARTH TO ECHO) is said to be in talks to write the script. Chris Bender (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE) and Jake Weiner (UNDER THE SILVER LAKE) are set to produce via their newly established company Good Fear Film, alongside Andrés and Barbara Muschietti who are currently working on the New Line adaptation of Stephen King’s “It.” The producers of the original THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME, ÈpicaProducción and Jinga Films, will also be involved.

There is no set release date yet for the American remake of THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME, however, if you just cannot wait to experience this amazing film – don’t hesitate to check out the original.

With Hidalgo on board, we’d be very surprised if the remake was anything but exceptional.

As always, we’ll continue providing additional information as it becomes available.

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Source: Yahoo Movies