“Don’t measure your neighbor’s honesty…

…by your own” ~ American Proverb

Just one more job. One more then John and Rosie can finally run. Far from the violent vice of control handed down by the family crime boss they work for. But their burly bearded neighbor, Troy, has a hustle of his own; and it will change everything. While John completes that last job, he calls home to tell Rosie to get ready because finally they can leave. When he returns home Rosie is nowhere to be found.  John waits for an opportunity to go search his shady neighbor’s house and when he does he find’s Rosie along with caged others and a corpse. Troy and his sons have turned their basement into a house of horror. All hell breaks loose when the escape attempt is interrupted by the return of the captors.This film keeps you on your toes and white knuckling the closest object you can find!

The Neighbor 2

Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are the brilliant minds behind such amazing films as FEAST, THE COLLECTOR, and THE COLLECTION. I don’t know if you SAW them or not but they are horror works of art. With their extraordinary skill in strong story telling, they are a triple threat because the same care that goes into their intense stories, also goes into the cinematography and casting. Josh Stewart, who plays “John”, has this natural ease with playing a strong good man just trying to make his way out of shitty life circumstances but when it comes time to take the bad guys on, he kicks ass! Alex Essoe killed it in playing the role of “Rosie” every emotion she had to go through she makes sure that you feel the same way. The character that truly left me speechless was that of Bill Engvall as “Troy” When I went into this, I was highly suspicious if such a successful well-known comedian could pull off being THE bad guy, and damn if he didn’t pull it off flawlessly. There is a critical ability that is sheer talent when you can play such an evil character when the general population knows you as one of the wittiest comedians on the planet. The dedication in being completely transformed was impressive. He was careful in not making parallels to what we know him to be and was completely the bad guy. This is a perfromance to hang your hat on and one that will have fans talking for quite awhile.

The Neighbor

This is an amazing horror film. Its foundation is exploring the horror that exist in men. What the monster in the man is capable of. A cerebral, masterful expression of what horror is.  Not the creation of a supernatural entity but a carefully crafted plausible tap into the vein of what “could” happen!  I loved that evil was evil but like FRANKENSTEIN, this was a love story as well.Love against evil and love kicked evils ass! I highly recommend this movie!


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