the Noise

“THE NOISE” wakes something very evil and Jason A. Wallace let’s us see!



Writer/Director Jason A. Wallace (The Full Walrus) is at again with his latest in Psychological Terror, THE NOISE. A sound has been heard and it has awoken something monstrous!

I had the opportunity to ask Jason some questions on this film.

Amy Humphries / Terror Time: Jason, what elements of horror do we get to look forward to in “THE NOISE”?

Jason A. Wallace: It’s more about Psychological horror than going straight for the blood and guts. I truly believe the most horrifying images are what we make in our own minds from personal collective experiences and I like to provide fertile ground for allowing this to happen. I’m not sure too many films do that successfully these days. “IT FOLLOWS”, is one that did, but they seem to get further and further from mind bending and going straight for the gore porn. When was the last time you saw something as good as “THE SHINING” or “ROSEMARY’S BABY”…”HARD CANDY” and “BABADOOK” and “LET THE RIGHT ONE IN” come to mind though!


TT: When it gets in your head, it sticks and draws out that fear, I agree. What was your favorite part about tackling this project?

JW: My favorite part, about this and any project is looking at a blank page and going, HELL YEAH, let’s make some History! But production has gotten pretty special as of late because I found some really wonderful people to work with. This is my 1st Monster film too, so that was plenty of fun creating something that will be really scary and a new weird ass creature that I’m sure Guillermo del Toro will appreciate.

TT: A great team. A great monster. And what sounds to be a great film!! If you had to just give a hint description about the monster, what would it be?


JW: It loves children, cobwebs and has one pissed off father, but they’re not spiders that’s for sure.

TT: VERY cool! Jason is currently in Development of his 2nd feature film, “THE ICE CREAM MAN” with Samaco Films (2017) and post-production on “THE NOISE”. Look for “THE NOISE” as it hits the Horror festival circuit later this year.

For more information on the film maker please visit him at

THE NOISE trailer:

THE NOISE trailer from Jason A. Wallace on Vimeo.

And we thank Jason for his time and can’t wait to see this film!

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