The Sighting

The Sighting still


Eight years and a couple titles later, we look at the Sasquatch movie The Sighting ( AKA Paper Dolls)


Independent filmmaking is a brutal profession. Getting the film shot and seen by anyone is a struggle. Even when you make an award winning film that doesn’t guarantee distribution. Thankfully the long journey of The Sighting aka Paper Dolls has finally come to a happy conclusion. The film was made by co-directors Adam Pitman and David Blair and won awards at festivals worldwide in 2008 now in 2016 the film has finally been released. I’ve been anxiously awaiting its release for a few years now and I can honestly say it surpassed my expectations.


Hailed by reviewers and festival goers as the best Sasquatch movie ever made fueled my search for this film. The story centers on Travis & Nate, two friends who take a trip to Canada after high school graduation they take a shortcut into the backwoods and that’s when things get hairy. The backstory for Sasquatch (don’t call them Bigfoot) in this film is the most unique and well thought out that I’ve seen in a film. The acting is fantastic by the cast and Adam Pitman also does a fantastic job in front of the camera as Travis. The way he plays the emotional roller coaster that his character takes especially in the last act of the film is a masterful grasp of true range that we rarely get in an independent film. With Sasquatch movies where the filmmakers usually trip up is they throw a guy in a suit and have them run amok without care to the story. The Sighting surpasses these films by providing us with a carefully plotted twist and turn screenplay that keeps you glued to the screen and contemplating the ending in a good way well after the credits roll. Even before the creatures show up you are wrapped up in the story lines of the characters and have a legitimate care for their plights. As for the first appearance of the creatures it’s a moment of beauty. When a beautifully shot still scene can creep under your skin you know it’s golden. I know I won’t be driving on any heavily wooded back roads for quite a while. The Montana scenery provides a perfect backdrop for the action and once again the filmmakers let us take in both its beauty and menace with gorgeous cinematography that is void of the shaky cam quick cut shamble that we are constantly subjected to these days. I wholeheartedly agree that this is the best Sasquatch film ever made but it’s so much more than that. The Sighting is a beautiful contribution to independent cinema that tells a compelling story that even without Sasquatch would demand viewers’ attention. This shows what a dedicated group of people can do when they give their all to a project. I congratulate all the cast and crew of The Sighting on the release. All of you made one hell of a film that has now been given the wide audience it deserves.

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