I honestly have to say this was one of the best short horror films I have seen in a while. Kinda blew me away. ‘The Smiling Man‘ comes from the mind of A. J. Briones. He’s an effects artist who’s worked on some big film like ‘Avatar’ and ‘the Force Awakens’.

This film taps into so many great stories from the past and is shot beautifully. This one is worth 7 minutes of your life. Watch it. It’s really good.

A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil and things will never be the same again.

Briones says the film is about more than a fictional monster, telling Blumhouse:

I like to work in allegory with all of my films, and THE SMILING MAN is about a woman’s introduction into the world of men, and how unfair and downright predatory that can be. It’s not meant to be overt, but those ideas are visually coded into the film.

The film has won a few awards, including Best Short Film at Shriek Fest and Best Director at Midnight Horror Shorts Fest, and Briones says he hopes to make the short into a feature.

source: laist

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