Universal horror is mainstream. Things that go bump in the dark, creaking of the house settling in and the frequent instances when you have to turn your back to find that you are indeed alone in your home. It is something that is bothersome to most all.

But, what if you were to experience horror on a whole different level? Specifically, jumps that were completely catered to your fears and nightmares. Just in time for Halloween, many of us are reveling in enjoying haunted houses with the usual fare of spooks and frights. However, The Tension Experience is about to take this interactive adventure up a notch.

Each participant fills out a questionnaire where the in order to become one of “Them,” you will need to spill all any and all details that will help create the individual experience. You will enter a warehouse in a group of 9, however, each individual will have a “choose your adventure” type of experience based on the choices you make.

This haunting experience is like none other because it completely caters to your worst fears and nightmares. YOUR WORSE FEAR. Take that into consideration.


Tension Experience


Tickets are available online for $125 per person for a two-hour experience, attendees must be 18 or older and runs Thursday through Sunday nights from September 8th to October 2nd, with time slots of 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. Guests will receive the address of the location upon receiving their ticket. 

Good luck to all.

Haunting experience is waiting for you

The Tension Experience