Can the real Cult Classic please stand up, please stand up, PLEASE STAND UP… Um, HALLOWEEN III, we are very divided on whether or not you should stand up or sit down. In the blue corner…a horror fan NOT in favor of H3. And in the red corner…a horror fan who LOVED H3. Lets see what both these horror conosiuers had to say.


To date, HALLOWEEN III, other than H5, is the lowest grossing movie in the series. The film opens with a man running from “Matrix-like” men and ending up in the hospital. All the while holding a pumpkin mask and telling anyone who would listen that “they are gonna kill everyone”.

The "Matrix-like" men
The “Matrix-like” men

A simple pumpkin mask in his hands, a scrawny man comes in, gouges out his eyes, and kills him and then blows himself up in a car. Leading to the doctor, Dr. Challis (Tom Atkins), searching for a reason for it. The man that was killed had a daughter named Ellie, played by Stacey Nelkin. The beginning of this movie was the beginning of the end for this movie. Complete with background music that could have been compiled on my PT-82 Casio keyboard that Santa granted me with back in the day. Cut to the lead character sitting in a bar and watching TV, asking the barkeep to change the channel, low and behold there was a preview for HALLOWEEN (1978), followed by a commercial. A commercial that is the basis of this awful movie. Silver Shamrock Novelities. Buy a mask, there are three horrific masks to choose from, be sure to tune in on Halloween night at 9 for the “big give-away!” Sound enticing? A movie that focuses on luring children into buying a mask that will eventually kill them. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Shame. Shame. Shame. NO thank you. This pathetic excuse for entertainment persists even with the theme music from HALLOWEEN (1978), but instead of our beloved Michael we get a group of pencil thin henchmen…that are CYBORGS!!! I’m sorry, what?! Cyborgs? Oh no wait, they are cyborgs that are tied into witchcraft, which is why they want to sacrifice the innocent children with the masks that have microchips in them. Even for horror, that is a big stretch. Halloween, as a holiday is for the kids to get candy and enjoy the night dressed in crazy fun costumes. Halloween, the franchise, is for the adults to enjoy…we expect that big scary man that does not die, not because he is a cyborg; but because he is evil. Michael Meyers IS Halloween. HALLOWEEN III was a waste of time for true horror fans. Millennials that want to call this a “cult classic” need a real education in what real horror is.



Thirty four years ago a film entitled HALLOWEEN III:SEASON OF THE WITCH hit cinemas and fiercely divided moviegoers who were confused by the lack of Michael Myers and the conventional slasher stereotypes so prevalent in the day. What viewers got was an original film produced by John Carpenter and Deborah Hill that had a script that had contributions from Sci-fi writer, Nigel Kneale, John Carpenter, and the films director, Tommy Lee Wallace.

I understand the initial confusion by viewers seeking out another Myers slasher but Carpenter and his crew wanted something new not something that had been done to death. The Silver Shamrock Novelty Company has become an iconic name amongst horror fans world wide and the commerical jingle that is set to London Bridge is falling down due to it being in the public domain and free is a stroke of genius as it’s impossible to get out of your head.

Tom Atkins further solidifies his bad ass persona with his role and the memorable final scene that is as dark thematically as horror films went back in 1982 is one that hits home for parents everywhere.
HALLOWEEN III is a film that never had a fair chance due to it not having the prototypical “Boogeyman” as the villain. What it does have is a bat shit crazy pull no strings approach brought to you by a group of filmmakers that wanted to shake up the establishment. The film is mandatory Halloween season viewing for me and I implore you to give it a fair shake and remember kiddies Happy Happy  Halloween. Silver Shamrock!


Brilliantly done by both sides! We call a draw! Even though some hate the idea and others see its value, it is still very much apart of our horror cinematic lineage and will be further debated for many more years to come!

We celebrate you turning 34 this week so, Happy 34th anniversary HALLOWEEN III : SEASON OF THE WITCH 

Just for fun, the trailer …