You think of what when you hear the term ‘Trouser Snake’? This is not that!

When the title truly says it all! Who hasn’t had those moments where you are alone in a car and on the cuff of a hot make-out session. The perfect music coming outta the speakers, an amazing view with no-one in sight for miles! Only thing missing is the ref from a UFC fight stating “Let’s get it on.” But what if one of then “members” of this tango literally has a mind of its own…twos a tango and threes a crowd! TROUSER SNAKE centers around a night of necking at Lovers’ Lane gets the shaft when a monster rears its ugly head in this comedic send-up to 1950s creature features.


Cast includes Alexander Gauthier (GLEAM), Jamie Lyn Bagley (FLESH FOR THE INFERNO), Michael Thurber (MODEL HUNGER), William DeCoff (THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D), Monica Saviolakis (SCARY LITTLE FUCKERS), and Morgan Walsh (TROUSER SNAKE). Special effects artist Jordan Pacheco (MANIA, THE SINS OF DRACULA) created and puppeteered the Trouser Snake.

TROUSER SNAKE is directed by Alex DiVincenzo, whose previous effort, The Horrors of AutoCorrect, was distributed by Eli Roth’s Crypt TV. DiVincenzo co-wrote the script with composer James Cilano.

Last year, I somehow convinced some of the most talented cast and crew members to be in New England to help me make a movie about a one-eyed monster,” muses DiVincenzo. “I loved seeing audiences react to it at festivals, and now I’m excited to put it online for all to see.”


Productions is proud to release its short film TROUSER SNAKE for free streaming on YouTube:

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It is too much fun to miss! And we dare say you won’t think, even for a second, about TROUSER SNAKE when you get your next opportunity to fog up the windows
The expression on her face says it all 🙂